Skyrocketing your career begins with just 3 fundamental steps.

I scaled the career ladder in record time.

I CAN do it, so CAN YOU!


How an immigrant with no connections climbed the career ladder in record time… And HOW YOU CAN TOO!

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Here it is how you can get a job you love…that pays what you’re worth…and enables the wealth and extraordinary life you deserve.

Online Course

Do it yourself with the help of the online career transformation course of your choice.

Group Coaching

Do it with a peer group: Access to the entire digital program + 8 monthly group coaching calls.

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Do it with Edyta: 8 monthly 1:1 calls + Access to the entire digital program + 8 monthly group coaching calls.

My Story

I’m here to show you how to transform your career so that you can have the MINDSET, CAREER SUCCESS,  and the MINDSET that you deserve. 

Your success has always depended on your ability to conduct business with energy and confidence. So how do you rise above mediocrity, find fulfillment, and keep adapting in an ever-changing world? It’s a challenge most of us struggle with and few know how to conquer.

 As a former global business executive, I worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies during my 20-plus years in corporate America – most recently as the VP of product and revenue management at one of the largest global travel corporations in the US. But it wasn’t always that way. I started at the very bottom, earning a helpdesk salary of $40k. A decade later, I was commanding over $200k, even though I had no connections and a foreign accent. I’ve reviewed countless resumes, interviewed thousands of job candidates, and seen firsthand the simple mistakes that stop people from getting hired. Now, I’m sharing all these secrets so you can finally find your dream job and start living the life you desire! 

If I CAN do it, so CAN you,… AND I’m here to show you HOW! 



Transformation takes place once you build an unshakable mindset and gain crystal clarity about your goals. With that foundation in place, you’ll be ready to level up and step into true alignment and abundance.


Everyone has a different definition of career success. But one thing that holds true is the satisfaction you feel when doing work that aligns with your authentic strengths and values. It’s absolutely possible to find a great job that makes an impact, where you are recognized and rewarded for your contributions, and where you can integrate work and life! 


You’ve been dreaming about prosperity, abundance, and wealth. But you won’t achieve any of them until you understand what money really is and eliminate your limiting beliefs about money. Once you master both, you will reach the financial freedom you truly desire. 


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“Working with Edyta has changed my life. She is very hands-on, always understanding the core of the issues, focuses on active rather than passive approach, provides immediate feedback, understands her client’s needs and wants, and is just a wonderful person. I am so happy to have met and hired her! All aspects of my life have changed – I’m much more confident, my career is on the right track, I’m actively engaged in my life – I’m a badass!” 

Marty Silber

“I was first attracted by Edyta’s engaging style and what proved to be a sincere willingness to help.

I had lost my job due to the pandemic, was at a crossroads personally and professionally and I was trying to identify in which direction I should go. There were other dimensions of my life which were out of sync, which I feared were impeding my career search. 

“Working with Edyta, with the help of the guided course and assignments, I was able to identify the source of some of these disconnects and develop action plans to work on them. This in turn empowered and excited me to take positive action. The coursework also encouraged me to give serious thought to setting life goals aside from my career and provided templates with which to track those goals.

“I can already see results in my approach to the job search, in my relationships and emotional wellbeing, and in my physical wellbeing as I no longer wake up in the morning with my heart and brain racing. I would absolutely recommend Edyta Satchell to all who are looking to effect positive change in their lives and careers.”

Elise Antonelli

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